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About Us

Uprisun is a company built with integrity, empathy, and passion. Sharing office spaces and working side by side with our installation partners is what gives our sales professionals the upper hand in the East Coast. Our dynamic sales software when developed was built to integrate with our installers. Each time you input a new sales or marketing opportunity, our software will track your project from start to finish. This will enable you as a modern day sales representative to avoid the constant lack of transparency and efficiency many sales reps in the industry are faced with.

90% of our executive team begin their careers in entry-level positions because we prospect, coach, and retain talented individuals with a will to succeed. Uprisun Energy is a powerful, technology centric, community driven, growth center committed to helping our customers achieve more, as well as ourselves.

Working at a company built by founders who started at the entry level positions themselves goes to show that this career is the real deal. Our team is hard working and savvy! We expect you to succeed in multiple variations of the business. No surprise that our marketing and sales representatives are some of the best paid entrepreneurs living throughout the east coast. 

What We Represent


To provide individuals and groups with innovative modern day tools to enable them to truly guide home and business owners through a one of a kind education and understanding of renewable energy. 


Our community of skilled and knowledgeable Energy Advisors along the North East are dedicated to building new relationships with outside industry professionals and regular everyday people educating them, teaching them to become warm opportunity sources for our organization.


We know our communities need to start making the switch to clean energy more and more. It’s our duty to do this for you in as professional of a manner as humanly possible. With that being said it’s important for our marketing and opportunity generation approach to be simple, comforting, and transparent. 


Most renewable energy teams like solar companies for example, from a higher up level only teach their “sales” people one dimensional means of generating new clients to help. This in our professional opinion is what at first has creating a lot of misinformation in the world of solar, due to the fact that the individuals and teams responsible for teaching home and business owners themselves aren’t diverse enough to not create high pressure sales situations. Solar sales people for example tend to be aggressive due to the fact that they aren’t getting enough opportunities to help people In essence making them appear to seem brash, rubbing people the wrong way. 


Uprisun has formed what we believe is and should be the new way of doing business in the world of renewable energy. 


We see that over the last decade some monstrous solar companies for example have “taken over” and with decades of experience in the solar space we know hands down that the number one issue home and business owners have with this industry right now is lack of clear communication and consistency. Anyone can essentially pick up the phone and partner with one of these big box solar installation companies. But we know from experience that from a sales perspective it’s hard to build a good relationship with the installer unless your one of the “top teams” This almost guarantees issues for the clients down the road. This lack of connection from a fulfillment side is not what’s needed for such a premature market being introduced to these property owners.


We’ve decided to diversify. We know that in some states and markets only certain true local installation companies are committed to the same code of excellence that we are. So we’ve worked extremely hard over the course of the past 8 years to ensure we as Energy Advisors partner home and business owners with only the best installer in their area. This takes time and patience. We all know in this day and age how easy it is to form a new relationship. It’s as easy as sending a friend request on Facebook. We are Uprisun take our time building strategic partnerships and alignments over a series of time and seeing results.  


After almost 8 years of being in the residential energy space our founders couldn’t think of a better word than, uprise, when forming our organization. The green industry is currently at its infancy stages and we as a company plan to innovate the space in many ways. From software to customer experience, our model is pretty straight forward, out work our competition all while doing the right thing, leading us straight to the top. What is the top for Uprisun!? The only thing for certain is converting as many homes and businesses along the north east to renewable energy as humanly possible.

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Please complete the forum below! An email will be sent out to one of our experts and he will call you back with information!